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EVZ Lab for Civil Society

EVZ Lab for Civil Society supports projects that strive to help build a stable and open democratic society in the Czech Republic. In the upcoming years, we will focus on projects with the same goals as other European countries. Therefore, we give you a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded projects outside the Czech Republic.

What does the EVZ Lab
for Civil Society have to offer?

Intensive four-month, customized support provided by a mentor and a number of experts. We will connect you with important personalities to help you start up your project and ensure its economic sustainability. We will help you get the ball rolling in the implementation of your plan and we will offer a set of workshops with experts focusing on topics that interest you.

4 months of customized support

Are you a large organization or just a group of three people? Your acceleration will be tailored to your team.

Specialized workshops

Fundraising, teamwork, financial planning, PR, marketing and more.

Advice from experienced professionals

Within the Impact Hub network, we work with the best mentors and experts in their fields – see for yourself.


We offer hours and hours of consultations with experts in a wide range of business fields .

How the program works?

Did the EVZ Lab for Civil Society catch your attention and do you happen to meet the criteria? Apply by 31st May 2018 and present your project to an independent panel in June. If you are accepted in the program, we will connect you with a mentor and together we will prepare a detailed schedule of our four-month cooperation.

During the program we will meet twice, at so-called “gateways”, where we sit down to discuss whether the objectives are being met. At the beginning of November, we organize a closing program ceremony where the same team stands on the stage but they now have four months of acceleration experience under their belts and can proudly present their achievements in the program to the panel, the public and others.

We are currently accepting applications for the first year of the EVZ Lab for Civil Society Program, you can sign up by 31st May 2018.

Who are we looking for
and what do we expect?

We are looking for teams that are ready to allocate the necessary time, professional and other resources for the acceleration. This program is open to teams and organizations that consist of at least three people and meet the following conditions:


The project has a positive impact on the development of democracy and enhancement of a civil society and addresses the topics of civic engagement or dealing with the past.

to grow

Your project has the potential and ability to grow to a regional or national level, and you aim to build it as economically sustainable.

Innovation ability

Your project should be innovative, and it should ideally include a technological solution that brings qualitative and/or quantitative improvement compared to the current condition.

Change the world and self

We are looking for a team that has the ambition to change the world around it. It is not afraid to transform itself and its project along the way.


Andreas Eberhardt

CEO Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future”

We as a foundation have recognized the potential of social entrepreneurship when it comes to pushing social change…

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We are currently accepting applications for the first year of the EVZ Lab for Civil Society Program, you can sign up by 31st May 2018.

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